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Ben Coy leverages the platform to write about the backstage life of a professional musician and to publish free sheet music for trombone and brass instruments

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September 16, 2014 at 9:19 PM

Today we mourn the loss of Vern Kagarice.

Our industry, and society at large, is built upon kindness and trust. No one achieves anything without being given a chance by someone else; and Vern was one of the first people to give me such a chance. When I was still a brash undergraduate kid, he agreed to publish my first intonation book. It was the first real line on my CV. I have done better work since, but I credit much of my ability to do that work to Vern. It was his gift of opportunity that provided me the foundation from which I continue to build large portions of my career.

Vern was the kind of teacher and musician we should all emulate. His dedication, professionalism, and humanity shone through in everything he did.

Rest in peace.

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