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Ben Coy leverages the platform to write about the backstage life of a professional musician and to publish free sheet music for trombone and brass instruments

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Bone drones

The timbre in this collection of drone recordings has been formulated to blend well with acoustic brass instruments. To maximimize applicability, I have provided a sequence of single pitches, one with untempered fifths, and one with equal tempered thirds.

Lament for Vern

November 19, 2014 at 12:05 AM

My senior year of undergrad, I wrote a brass quintet to conclude my final recital. It was only mediocre work, but there were some musical ideas in there that I thought had some merit. So, I shelved it and waited for the inspiration to improve it. This September, upon learning of Vern Kagarice's passing, I finally found the right place for that music. I reworked the slow movement and gave it a new title indicative of its new context. Lament for Vern runs about three and a half minutes and is playable by intermediate level brass quintets.

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