Benjamin Coy


Happy new year!

January 1, 2015 at 3:11 am

In an effort to start 2015 off right, I’ve ported this site to new software and tweaked the template for mobile users. Not much has changed in terms of the site itself, but most pages will have moved to a new URL. Update your links if you have any!

I think this is a good opportunity to talk about resolutions. In years past, I’ve always said I intend to practice “more.” But that’s awfully hard to nail down … what exactly does that mean? In this culture of competing priorities, practice time will continue to slip away unless there’s something a bit more objective to hold on to. This year, I’m identifying a handful of performances that are especially important to me for one reason or another. Rather than saying I’m going to spend vaguely more time practicing, I’m choosing to invest the preparation necessary to play great at those performances. That should focus my efforts and define both what and when must be done in the practice room.

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