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It is difficult for many students to learn effective practice habits. As teachers, we might help a student work through a particular technical challenge or assign a routine to create a structure for working on fundamentals, but I think it’s hard to convey the philosophy and discipline of good practice through a traditional lesson format. We cannot reach into students’ private practice rooms, so we do not have the opportunity to correct errors in practice technique as they occur. More importantly, there is no way to demonstrate practice skills the way we can model most other aspects of our craft.

To address this issue, this new incarnation of tenorposaune.com will document the practice and other professional work that goes into my own public performances. It is my hope that students who read this can can abstract the underlying principles and apply them to their own efforts. I intend to write in a similar vein as Boston Magazine’s long-form piece on theĀ audition process, though with more technical discussion of the details. So, welcome to my latest project. I hope you enjoy this view of a professional musician’s backstage life!