Interval quiz

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I have built a new tool for those of us who teach introductory aural training. is a free, anonymous, browser-based interval identification practice app.


A synthesized piano sound plays two notes (m2 – P8) either ascending or descending and then simultaneously. Students attempt to identify the interval and then receive immediate feedback. In case of error, the correct answer is given. Prompts are generated for as long as the student wants to practice, with no limit. The app keeps track of a student’s skill level for each interval and is more likely to play intervals that students find difficult.

Students can generate a unique code to share with their teacher or classmates that reports the results of their work, including their latest “streak” of correct answers, and which two intervals were most problematic.


The aural training software market is well established and densely populated. Instead of a fully-fledged package, though, I just wanted something that was easy for students to use. No settings, no accounts to manage, no software to install, no long URLs to mistype. This app only does one thing, but it does the right thing, and it does it right. It works on any modern (HTML5-capable) browser or mobile device. Please note that iOS users will need to tap to play each audio excerpt, while android and desktop users will hear the prompt automatically.