von Weber: Romanza Appassionata (Band)

The Romanza Appassionata or Romance for trombone is a very important work in our repertoire. It’s one of the few truly Romantic-era pieces of substance that we have. It’s not terribly difficult, but it does contain some opportunities to show technique. It’s fun to listen to, and fun to play.

Unfortunately, it almost certainly was not written for trombone and was not written by von Weber. It feels like a bassoon piece to me, but my cursory research into the matter has not turned up an original. Until we can figure out who actually wrote the thing, I’m content to keep von Weber’s name on it, if only because it’s the easiest way to identify which piece we’re talking about!

I’ve written an arrangement with band accompaniment for those who would like to use it in that environment. The score and parts are available from Cherry Classics.